About Me

Hi, I'm Chris!

I'm a designer and web developer from South Carolina, living in Portland, Oregon. Art is my inspiration, design is my passion, and development is my tool.

I've always been interested in art. Since kindergarten, what I picked as my career of choice has always been either an astronaut, or an artist. And once I discovered how much math I'd need to learn, I was so not into being an astronaut anymore.

Plus, art is way more fun. I used to think I'd be a painter, or a printmaker. But then one day I woke up and realized that I would have more opportunities to share my work - therefore my vision and passion for art - with the world if I went into digital art.

So that's my philosophy: making the world a better place with design through whatever means I'm capable. Be it a magazine ad, or a website for a small business. I love finding a solution.


Years experience


Completed projects




Cups of Tea


  • Interface Design95%
  • Product Design75%
  • User Modeling85%
  • Information Architecture70%
  • HTML585%
  • CSS375%
  • WordPress90%
  • Photoshop85%
  • PHP65%
  • InDesign85%
  • BootStrap80%
  • Illustrator65%


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Peculiar Productions

2013 - 2015

Off the Wall Media

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Trackers Earth

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